The Cure

    Choreography: Gemma Ridyard & Lyn Ridyard (April 2017)

    Count: 32

    Wall: 2

    Level: Intermediate


    Music: ‘The Cure’ By Lady Gaga

Walk, Walk, Step ½ Step, Full Turn, Shuffle ½ 
1-2Step RF forward, Step LF forward

3&4Step RF forward, pivot ½ turn left, step RF forward

5-6½ turn R stepping LF back, ½ turn R step RF forward

7&8¼ turn R step LF to side, ¼ turn R close RF next to LF, step LF back (12 o’clock)

½ Turn, Walk, Out, Out Ball Cross, Unwind Rock Replace, Triple Turn Back
1-2½ turn R stepping RF forward, step LF forward

&3&4step RF out to R side, step LF out to L side, step RF in, cross LF over RF

5-6Unwind ½ turn R rocking weight onto LF as you lift R toes up (5) replace weight to R (6)

7&8turn ½ turn L step LF forward, turn ¼ turn L step RF next to LF, turn a ¼ L step LF forward (12 o’clock)

(Restart here on wall 4 facing 6 o’clock & wall 8 facing 12 o’clock) 

R Heel Grind, L Heel Grind, & Cross ¼ L, Pencil ½ Turn, Heel Lift 
12&Dig R heel forward grind (1) step down on LF (2) step RF to R side (&)

3 4&Dig L heel forward grind (3) step down on RF (4) step LF to L side (&)

5-6cross RF over LF, make a ¼ turn R step back on LF

7&8make a ½ turn over R shoulder close RF next to LF (&) lift both heels from the floor (&) drop both heels (8) (9 o’clock)

Out Out, Ball Cross ¾ Turn Unwind Sweep, R Sailor Step, & Point Touch
&1&2step RF to R side, step LF to L side, step RF in place, cross Lf over RF

3-4unwind a ¾ turn R (3), sweep RF from front to back (6 o’clock)

5&6step RF behind LF, step LF to L side, step RF to R side

&78step LF next to RF (&), point RF to R side, drag RF towards LF touch in place