Choreography: Gemma Ridyard & Lyn Ridyard Feb 2015

    Count: 32

    Wall: 2

    Level: Intermediate NC


    Music: Songbird by Eva Cassidy

Intro – 24 counts

[1-8&] step right foot forward, L mambo half turn, R half turn cross, L side rock replace, L behind 1/4 forward 
1Step right foot forward

2&3rock forward left, replace weight onto right, 1/2 turn left stepping forward on left (6.00)

4&5step forward right, 1/2 pivot turn left, cross right over left (12.00)

6-7side rock left, replace weight to right

8&step left behind right, 1/4 turn right stepping forward on right (3.00)

[1-8&] left spiral full turn, run around 1/2 turn, cross side behind, unwind 1/2 turn 1/2 sweep, cross back 
1step forward on left foot turning a full spiral turn right (keep weight on left) (3.00)

2&3run around 1/2 turn right RLR (9.00)

4&5step left across, step right to side, step left behind

6-7unwind 1/2 turn left (changing weight to left) (3.00) sweep right round from back to front making 1/2 turn left (9.00)

8&cross right over left, step left foot back

[1-8&] step right foot to right diagonal, left mambo fwd, right coaster step, pivot 1/2 turn left, 1/2 turn left step back, triple 1 1/2 turns left or left shuffle half turn 
1step right foot 1/8 turn right (11.30) (finishing a right jazz box)

2&3left foot rock forward, replace, back

4&5right foot back, together left, step forward right (11.30)

6-7pivot 1/2 turn left (weight forward on left) (5.30), 1/2 turn left stepping back right foot (11.30) ***

8&1/2 turn stepping forward on left (5.30), 1/2 turn stepping back on right foot (11.30)

[1-8&] 1/2 turn left sweeping right, cross back side, 3 sways left right left, 1\4 right, 1/2 right, 1/4 sailor right stepping forward 
11/2 turn left stepping forward left (finishing a 1 1/2 triple turn) (5.30)

2&3cross right foot over, step back left, step right foot to right side making an 1/8 turn right (6.00)

4&5sway left, right, left

6-71/4 turn right stepping forward on right (9.00), 1/2 turn right stepping back on left (3.00)

8&11/4 right stepping right foot behind (6.00), step left foot to left side, (step right foot forward)

(please note count 1 is the first step of the new wall) 

***On wall 5 (front wall) there is a small tag you will dance up to count 23 instead of triple turning you will make another 1/2 turn left stepping forward on left to face 5.30 and then begin the dance stepping forward right facing 6.00

Happy dancing!!!