How would you Feel

    Choreography: Gemma Ridyard & Lyn Ridyard (Feb 2017)

    Count: 48

    Wall: 2

    Level: Intermediate


    Music: ‘How Would You Feel’ by Ed Sheeran


S1: Basic Nightclub R, ¼ Right, 1 ½ Triple Full Turn Back, Step Turn Step, R Mambo Step 
1,2&Take a big step to R side, Rock the LF Behind R, Replace weight forward to RF

3,4,&¼ turn R step back on LF, turn ½ R step RF forward, turn ½ R step LF back

5,6&7turn ½ R step RF forward, Step LF forward pivot ½ turn right, step LF forward

8&1Rock weight forward onto RF, step RF back

S2: Cross Back Side, Cross Back Side, L Back Rock ½, ¼ Chasse R
2&3Cross LF over right, step RF back, step LF to side

4&5Cross RF over Left, step LF back, step RF to side

6&7Rock LF Back, Replace weight to RF, Turn ½ turn right step back on LF

8&1turn ¼ right step RF to right side, close Lf next to RF, step RF big side step to the right

(optional styling as you step to the R on count 1 reach right arm up)

S3: X2 L Hitches, Rock To Left, Chasse R, Sailor ½ Left, Run Around Full Turn R
2&3hitch L knee contract stomach, hitch L knee contract stomach, rock LF to left side

4&5step RF to right side, close LF next to RF step RF to right side

6&7cross LF behind right beginning to make ½ turn L, close RF next to L completing ½ turn, Cross LF over RF

8&1Turn full turn over R shoulder run around turn (R,L,R) RF finishes crossed over LF

(optional styling on counts 2& right arm down to L knee) 

S4: L Mambo Touch Back, Body Roll, Ball ¼ Step, Rolling Vine R, Arms R L Pull In Hitch L Knee
2&3Rock LF forward, replace weight to RF, Touch L toe back

4&5start to body roll (top to bottom) (4) close RF to L (&) turn ¼ turn L step LF to L side

6&7turn ¼ turn R step RF forward, turn ½ turn R step RF back, turn ¼ turn R step RF to side (feet finish hip width apart)

8&1reach R hand forward palm facing forward fingers spread (8), reach L hand forward palm facing forward fingers spread (&), bring both hands into waist fists clenched as you hitch L knee (1)

S5: Side Rock Cross, Side Behind 1/4, Step Half Press, Run Back (R,L,R)
2&3Rock Lf to L side, replace weight to RF, cross LF over R

4&5Step RF to R side, step LF behind R, turn ¼ turn R step RF forward

6&7Step LF forward pivot ½ turn R, press ball of LF forward

8&1Step RF back, step LF back, touch R toe back

(optional styling on every front wall as you do the press on 7 the lyrics say ‘kiss’ bring R hand up to mouth slowly curl fingers from pinky to thumb hand finishes in a fist)

S6: Unwind ½ Turn R, Back Sweep, Behind Side Cross, Spiral Full Turn, RF Side Rock Back Rock
2-3keeping weight back on LF unwind ½ turn R, step back on RF sweep LF from front to back

4&5step LF behind RF, step RF to R side, cross LF over RF

6Keeping weight on LF unwind full turn R

7&8&Rock RF to R side, replace weight to LF, Rock RF back, replace weight to LF