Step Sheets

Released Title Tutorial Demo Step Sheet (Copper Knob)
April 2018 Mic Drop stars stars
March 2018 Watch The Tempo stars stars stars
March 2018 The Champion stars stars stars
March 2018 Rewrite the Stars stars stars
January 2018 Breathe stars stars
January 2018 Pray stars stars
February 2018 The Wolf stars stars
February 2017 With the Lights On stars
May 2017 Want you Back stars
September 2017 Too Good at Goodbyes stars
April 2017 The Cure stars
January 2017 That’s me stars
September 2017 Tetris stars
February 2015 Songbirds stars
August 2017 Shes on my Mind stars
April 2017 Passport Home stars
November 2017 Over Boots stars
February 2017 Not your #1 stars
November 2017 Meaning of Life stars
June 2017 Mama don’t Stress stars
May 2017 Making Memories stars
February 2017 How would you Feel stars
December 2017 Dimelo stars
January 2017 Castle on the Hill stars
June 2017 Blackout stars
August 2017 Imagine stars