Shout Out To The Maylinedance Group!

A huge thank you to the instructors and dancer’s at the Maylinedance Group for teaching my most recent dances at your classes!! I hope you have all been enjoying them as well as all the other fab dance’s being taught! If you have any Videos/Photos don’t forget to send me them or drop your comments at the bottom!! See You Somewhere Soon!

Love  G XX

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Hong Kong – New Orleans

It’s been a busy few weeks since arriving back !

I don’t know how to sum up my trip to Hong Kong it truly was incredible, the hospitality and kindness of Lina and her team was out of this world! After our fab day trip sightseeing with Josephine, Kelvin and Mon it was workshop day!

Workshop day was so much fun, it was great to catch up with friends I have met before and also meet lots of new friends!

We had a busy day where I taught 6 dances – we had some really funny moments and great sound effects!

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Day 2 in Hong Kong

Has been a huge experience !

We started with a late breakfast, well we better call it brunch as it was a slice of pizza (the biggest slice I could find) & an OJ! From their I wanted to take a trip to Times Square to compare it to the big NYC! All was going well and I thought my navigation was on point only to realise I was reading the map upside down (I’m guessing I should put my hands right up in the air for that blonde moment!) needless to say a 30min walk in the wrong direction really added to the step count!

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