About Me

I’m 28 years old and started dancing 19 years ago when I was 9, I started by going along to a dance class with my mum while she learnt and I sat and watched after a few weeks I wanted to join in, and the rest is history!!

When I was 11 I entered my first competition for the UCWDC from then I was hooked and wanted to learn more and more! I carried on competition for the UCWDC until 2006. I won my first world championships in 2004 at the Opryland hotel in Nashville.

In 2007 I started competing and World Dance Masters in the Advanced section Winning two world titles in 2 consecutive years. In 2010 I competed in All-stars which was a huge honour and a very proud moment for me it was a close result that year, and I came in runner-up.

For many years my mum had been teaching dance classes and running a successful business, I knew when I left school I wanted to follow that career path and start teaching. Teaching is a huge passion of mine, and we currently teach 5 line dance classes a week of all abilities.

I also work at a prestigious health club at home in the UK where I manage the group exercise studios. I have the responsibility of 40+ instructors and 196 classes a week to oversee; it’s a great job that I love and am very passionate, there is nothing more pleasing than helping others achieve their dreams!

My life motto when it comes to dancing is ‘anything goes, and everything is encouraged’ dance is a time when you can express your self and get lost in the moment!