Day 2 in Hong Kong

Has been a huge experience !

We started with a late breakfast, well we better call it brunch as it was a slice of pizza (the biggest slice I could find) & an OJ! From their I wanted to take a trip to Times Square to compare it to the big NYC! All was going well and I thought my navigation was on point only to realise I was reading the map upside down (I’m guessing I should put my hands right up in the air for that blonde moment!) needless to say a 30min walk in the wrong direction really added to the step count!

When we eventually made our way their it was not the big lights and flashing screens I was expecting – it was however plenty of bling and every designer shop you can possibly think of – quite the contrast to my bargain buys yesterday – I considered buying everything in Chanel and then decided that may have been a bit OTT ๐Ÿ˜‚

We then made a brisk walk back to Lockhart where I indulged in a luxury foot massage – I think it was well worth the money I paid for it, although I did dribble the entire way through it (dark lights, heated neck pillow and blanket – you can understand why!) so unfortunately I can’t elaborate any further!

We made a very quick dash back to the hotel with 10mins to spare before we got picked up by our lovely tour guides and new friends Josephine, Kelvin & Mon. They were so lovely and whisked off to our first stop at Deep Sea Bay. Wow what a scene (check out the snaps below) setting the scene, the weather a balmy 24degrees and gorgeous blue water for miles! We walked along the bay enjoying the warm winds and counting the skyscrapers – on our way around we also passed ‘Repulse Bay’ (don’t let the name put you off that’s just to deter the pesky tourists ๐Ÿ˜‰) a gorgeous spot perfect for a paddle!

A quick hop back in the car and we stopped off at a mall a real hidden gem – we sat in the court yard and enjoyed drinks together (hot chocolate and a pain au chocolate for me – of course those extra steps this morning I earned the sugar intake – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). One floor up from the court yard is the Verandah restaurant a very popular place for high tea I hear! After our brief pit stop it was a short car ride to our next stop Stanley! We enjoyed a mooch around the market and I purchased my new top for Saturday night ( it’s a gold theme so watch this space!). A perfect place for a wander around with many interesting boutiques and souvenirs.

We had dinner reservations back in causeway at 6:45 this evening ( my fault we were 20mins late – a girl can never have too many dresses) where we joined Lina, Cece & Ruby for a delicious Chinese meal. We enjoyed many different dishes and I really stepped outside of my comfort zone and trialled most of the dishes! My fav was beef and fried rice ๐Ÿ˜ it was a lovely meal and truly great company !

Our final destination was ‘the Peak’ the highest point in Hong Kong! I have no words to describe it – but it is definitely one for the bucket list if you have not had the privilege to see it! We stepped out on the top floor and it was truly breathtaking looking down over the city! We snapped a few great pics but it was a shock being up that high! Needless to say it was not 24 degrees! More like 2 degrees and very high winds! A word of advice (speaking from experience) do not wear a dress for occasion – mine flew up and I flashed the entire balcony my pants! Well done Gem!

After a busy day 16 kilometres clocked up, I am safely tucked up in my bed ready for some zzzz’s! Tomorrow is the big day and I will be teaching 6 dances back to back! I am both excited and nervous !

For now the gal who pant flashes and has blonde moments is hitting the hay! Good night all! โค๏ธ

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