First day in Hong Kong

Sitting back (sipping a sangria) and reflecting on my first day in Hong Kong! Wow I don’t know where to begin what a amazing place – if you have never been it is a must!

The day begin with a gorgeous breakfast out in the sunshine, followed by a short trip on the underground to the ladies market! The underground was definitely a little daunting to begin with but once you plunge in head first it’s pretty easy!

We exited the underground at Mangkok to be faced with sky scrapers and wall to wall lights (imagine Piccadilly Circus crossed with Times Square and that’s a pretty good starting point) ! Faced with lights we headed down the road and came to the ‘ladies market’ a fun experience and always good for a haggle ! We planned on heading to the trainer market from their but I got distracted (shocking I know) by the $50 dollar shop (aka everything is £5)! I know I know who wouldn’t be distracted and needless to say my first purchases were made! Moving on we headed down the street and I was in awe (if you are a shopper… me…..:it was a little piece of heaven) surrounded by so many amazing shops and temptation was every where, whole outfits £13, who was I to turn that down! The only downside was you can’t try anything on so a wing a prayer ! 🙏🏻 we shopped solidly for 6 hours and after that the only thing left was a trip to Starbucks and a slice (large) of cake!

We headed back to our hotel for a freshen up!

This evening we have enjoyed a great night at Lina’s class surrounded by her lovely students! It was great to practice the dances I was a little rusty in places! I am so looking forward to spending time with everyone over the coming days, teaching my workshops and performing at the Hong Kong line Dance association 20 year party on Saturday! What an honour, I am truly humbled to be here!

Right now I’m tucking into a outback burger and ready for some zzzzz!!!

Tomorrow we look forward to touring Stanley Street market with friends!

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